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The Future is Bright!

We are Colossal Academy, a visionary micro-school dedicated to learners in middleschool and highshool for a radiant tomorrow.

Transformative Education for Changemakers

Welcome to Colossal Academy, where we believe the future is bright!

We are a progressive microschool that is dedicated to providing individualized, learner-centered education to our students. Our small and mighty school offers a hands-on approach which allows us to focus on each individual student's unique strengths and needs, ensuring that they have the opportunity to thrive academically and personally.

Our award-winning and innovative curriculum is designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning paired with practical life skills that students can take with them throughout life. 

As a VELA Education Fund Next Step Grant and Yass STOP Award Quarterfinalist, Colossal Academy delivers a 21st Century, innovative education that is transformative and outstanding. Students not only score in the highest percentile, nationally amongst their peers, but they are improving their overall happiness and taking social entrepreneurship to a new level. 


Join us at Colossal Academy and discover the power of a truly transformative education.

Emergent Learning 

Due to the small class size, each child's interests are able to be seen, cultivated, and explored. We welcome questions that lead to the process of inquiry so that we can follow the interest of the learner vs. the traditional classroom. 

Real-World  Skills

Students engage in cooking, farming, organizational skills, drafting, website development, and video editing and so much more. These skills are highly transferable and desirable for the 21st Century! 

Place-Based Education

Colossal Academy spends a great deal of time in and around the community at parks, libraries, beaches, skateparks, museums, etc. PBE connects students to the natural world. 


Colossal Academy encourages and embraces students and families of all religions, races, genders, orientations, and abilities. 

Patria D.

Colossal Academy changed our trajectory in the exact ways I have been praying for for years.

Parent Testimonials

Tara J.

Ms. Shiren has brought a spark to my child’s eyes that had faded in traditional school and ignited his love of learning. She has brought on equally brilliant teachers to teach various subjects. It feels like the school you could only dream of coming to fruition.

Kristin C.

I was constantly searching for a curriculum that went beyond teaching core subjects. I wanted an education that cultivates gifts and skills in order to contribute positively to our society. I have found that curriculum through Colossal Academy.

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