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General Questions

How does Colossal Academy work?

Colossal Academy currently uses the hybrid model. Students have the opportunity to learn computer literacy, coding, programming and take their classes online. Colossal Academy is growing and in the future students will be on the farm full-time. 


Are your classes accredited?

Colossal Academy has a variety of classes in which some are accredited and others await accreditation. Colossal Academy has an interdisciplinary approach to learning while still expecting rigor and adaptability.  


Are courses differentiated?

Yes! Students have the opportunity to work ahead of grade level as well as do any retention needed. All students are on their own learning map and are self-directed. 


What is a microschool? 

A microschool, simply put, is a small school.  Students at a microschool are guided based on their interests. Something unique about the microschool learning environment is that the schoolroom is multi-aged so that students are able to be student-led and allows for cross-age collaboration.  


What kind of vetting do you do when hiring teachers?

Teachers are required to either be IB Certified, Montessori Trained, or Florida Certified. Some teachers call in from other countries for small workshops and those teachers are experts in their fields. For small workshops, experts in their fields give classes on finance, programming, science, engineering, etc. 


What technology do I need to use for your classes?

Students need to use a computer either PC or Mac. For higher-level computer competencies, Chromebooks do not have the processing needed for drafting and other programs, like video editing. 


Do students get individual attention?

Yes! The beauty of staying small is that students receive personalized attention to meet them at their own level. 

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