Urban Gardening

Colossal Academy Team


Ms. Shiren


With over 10 years of international, IB, and Montessori classroom experience, Ms. Shiren has launched Colossal Academy.  Through experiences, students can begin to self-actualize into their highest potentials. 


Dr. Rattigan

Curriculum Consultant 

Dr. Rattigan has been a revolutionary educator for 36 years from K-12 and Higher Ed. She provides assistance with an adaptive curriculum to meet individual learning needs.  

Uli and Toni

Surf Skate Science 

Toni and Uli are the directors of Surf Skate Science.  The offe hands-on learning through action sports. Students approach physics, math, science, drafting, Marine Science,  beach cleanups through  surfing and skateboarding, 


Ms. Jeannie

Permaculture Instructor

Ms. Jeannie is the founder of Unlikely Charming. She brings permaculture and stewardship to Colossal students and reconnects them to the Earth.  

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Ms. Krystle

Art Instructor 

Ms. Krystle has worked internationally in Bermuda before moving to the United States. She holds a Masters of Education and has been teaching for over 13 years. 


Mr. Diego

Mindfulness Instructor 

Mr. Diego is a visual artist and digital designer who teaches yoga classes and guides meditations. He is a 200 hr Yoga and 100 hr Mindfulness certified instructor.


Ms. Courtney

Global Classroom Coordinator

Ms. Courtney is the director of EDC. She designs and delivers Global Classroom Curriculum and connects our students together with other students in the world. She coordinates and invites experts to work with students on enriching projects.

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Ms. AnnMarie

Math and Computer Science 

Ms. AnnMarie is an  ACE EdD Instructional Technology teacher. She holds several Master degrees which gives her the breadth and depth to create and execute beautiful interdisciplinary projects.

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Ms. Darleen

Humanities Instructor

Ms. Darleen teaches on a variety of humanities topics, lovingly guiding students through discussion on social issues.

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Mrs. Mackenzie

Agriculture Expert 

Mrs. Mackenzie has been a farmer her whole life. She advises our students on how to connect to nature, raise cash crops, and entrepreneurship through agriculture and farming. 


Ms. Michelle

Drama Instructor

A master of the arts, Ms. Michelle works with the students to express, explore and create through Drama and Theater. Ms. Michelle is the founder of Gritty Girl, A Creative and Performing Arts Lab Designed to Empower Girls


Mestre Branca

Capoeira Instructor 

Mestre Branca is an internationally recognized Master of Capoeira. He combines history, rhythm, dance, movement, and martial art. 

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