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Urban Gardening

Colossal Academy Team

teacher with green background smiling

Ms. Shiren

Lead Educational Curator/ Founder/ Owner

Shiren Rattigan is the owner and lead Educational Curator at Colossal Academy and is a UC Berkeley Extensions Educator who has been featured in Forbes, Sun Sentinel, LiberatED and ReimaginED. Both a VELA Education Fund and YASS Stop Award Quarterfinalist, she uses her 12 years of adolescent education experience to act as both a teacher and an advocate for the adolescent voice. She is a wife and mother of three incredible daughters. 


Mr. John

Educator and Counselor

John Rozzelle is an educator and counselor whose passion is immersive, experiential education and knowledge acquisition outside the classroom. He has taught English, Language Arts and Cultural Programs in the U.S. and Asia. John is a staunch advocate for equality and children’s rights, in addition to having a love for cooking, music, the performing arts, and world travel.

Education Expert smiling in front of greenery

Dr. Rattigan

Curriculum Consultant 

Dr. Rattigan has been a revolutionary educator for 36 years from K-12 and Higher Ed. She provides assistance with an adaptive curriculum to meet individual learning needs. She advices on Differentiated Instruction, ADHD in the classroom, and Reading Interventions.  

home economics teacher smiling at the camera

Ms. Alicia

Home Economics Educator

Alicia Garcia, founder of Project Flourish, is a private chef, urban gardener, home economics educator, and mother of 4. Alicia is certified for nature-based education, plant-based nutrition; and holds degrees in both Culinary Arts & Fashion Design. 


Through Project Flourish, she offers classes, community gatherings, and a thoughtfully curated collection of provisions with an emphasis on nature, wellness, & sustainability. 

Surf and Skate instructors having a portrait

Uli and Toni

Surf Skate Science 

Toni and Uli are the directors of Surf Skate Science.  They offer hands-on learning through action sports. Students approach physics, math, science, drafting, Marine Science,  beach cleanups through  surfing and skateboarding, 

Smiling teacher with a fusia dress in front of a green background

Ms. Patria

Mom Liason

Ms. Patria is a Mixed Media artist, Healing & Wellness Modalities Creator. Previously at the JCC in Harlem, Ms. Patria joins us and brings in a dynamic, global perspective to Colossal Academy. Ms. Patria continually supports families through breathe and stretch practices. 

Warm Smiling Blond teacher

Ms. Courtney

Global Classroom Coordinator

Courtney has had the opportunity to work in large-scale international education projects in both the public and private sectors from preschool to graduate studies. 

First and foremost, she is a teacher and she has had the opportunity to work as a school principal, university administrator, and curriculum, evaluation, and materials designer. 

She now is so blessed to be able to contribute to education at Colossal Academy as the Global Classroom Project teacher. 


Ms. Tanya

Educational Curator

Tanya Mejia is serving as an educational curator at Colossal Academy. She earned a Masters in Environmental Conservation Education at New York University and is a Florida Certified Teacher. She engages students in project-based learning to bring real world application to concepts students learn. Tanya is passionate about creating opportunities for youth to become informed scientists who can activate change in their communities. This passion led her to founding Resilient Stewards, which focuses on fostering environmental stewardship and community resilience.

Non gender conforming teacher smiling at camera with a blue background

Teacher Darleen

Humanities Instructor

Darleen is a transmedia artist and educator whose practice engages the power of digital technology as a space for resistance and exploration. They are particularly interested in dreaming and imagining ways of sharing knowledge beyond the traditional landscape of education. Originally from Compton, CA they studied a double B.A at the University of California, Berkeley and now lives and practices from Mexico City.

wise farmer standing by a tree

Ms. Mackenzie

Agriculture Expert 

Ms. Mackenzie is our resident elder Agriculture Expert. She teaches students how to utilize the land, how to time out crops, and follow the planting schedule.  Ms. Mackenzie has been a farmer since she was 6 years old in Jamaica and brings a unique and important gift of elder wisdom to our students. 

Colorful Couple smiling up adorned with flowers

Sol  and Quinn

Permaculture Coaches  

Ms. Sol and Mr. Quinn, from Miami Compost Project, facilitate their educational course of  regenerative agriculture practices. They integrate  healthy ecosystems within our soil  and garden. They continue to serve the students and community through permaculture, soil regeneration, and seed to table practices. 

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