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 21st Century Learning For 21st Century Kids!

Colossal Academy is a progressive microschool of curious and active tweens and teens. Through hands-on learning experiences and project-based approaches, students are actively engaged with their education.  Colossal Academy balances curriculum rigor as an affiliate of the accreditated FLVS (Florida Virtual School) and practical life skills to help children self-actualize. Practical life skills are learned through farming/ permaculture, surfing, skateboarding, cooking and mindfulness.

Shiren Rattigan - Colossal Academy Director 

Colossal Academy is a unique option

Personalized Approach

Each child is different.

Each child comes into learning at different stages and different times. 

Engaging Online Learning

STEM Kits, Game-Based Learning, and hands-on learning projects keep students engaged.


A hybrid learning environment that students approach learning with excitement.  

Laura T.

Ms. Shiren is inviting teachers from all over the world to teach captivating lessons about history, cooking , science and more. She is dedicated to find different ways to organize the students’ homework in ways that work for them!

Tara J.

Ms. Shiren has brought a spark to my child’s eyes that had faded in traditional school and ignited his love of learning. She has brought on equally brilliant teachers to teach various subjects. It feels like the school you could only dream of coming to fruition.

Kristin C.

I was constantly searching for an curriculum that went beyond teaching core subjects. I wanted an education that cultivates gifts and skills in order to contribute positively to our society. I have found that curriculum through Colossal Academy.


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