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The Colossal Architect Accelerator 

Helping you construct your own learning ecosystem

The ever-evolving education system requires individuals who think ahead to establish inventive learning communities with a focus on innovative, project-based learning. Through our Colossal Architect Accelerator, we are committed to assisting talented and visionary edupreneurs in creating spaces for like-minded families seeking a one-of-a-kind and immersive education experience.


If you are interested in establishing your own Colossal Academy, but unsure of where to start, our Architect Accelerator offers a ready-made model that has condensed all of the necessary components to start your own successful transformative learning environment that serves your unique community.


Our model offers the necessary elements of opening your own institution such as: securing a space, designing a context-related curriculum, marketing tips, enrollment, and more. With our professional guidance based on our years of experience and success, you can launch your own project-based learning program and make a positive impact on education right away.


Start your journey to becoming a leader in the education revolution today!

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