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Dolan Writes: A Lesson From My Granddaughter

With over 45 years of experience selling business, Dolan Sales knows about

innovation and entrepreneurship. "The result of this type of progressive learning is written in the evolution. I have seen in not only my granddaughter’s desire to learn but her interest in putting what she as learned into practice."

Entrepreneurship isn't just for adults, and Colossal Academy has proven that by igniting a spark in children like Dolan's granddaughter. Her passion for starting and running a business was sparked by being around entrepreneurs on both sides of her family, but she didn't know where to start. Luckily, they found Colossal Academy, and the results have been nothing short of amazing!

Our unique school has a progressive approach to education that puts the child's learning level and interests at the forefront of their teaching. They focus on essential life skills, like cooking, money management, and the environment, but they don't stop there. We teach the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, from creating a business plan to setting goals, marketing, and even setting up a website.

What's more, Colossal Academy goes beyond the textbook by providing students with real-life experiences through field trips. With small class sizes, students get one-on-one attention from their teachers, which fosters growth and development in ways not possible in larger classes.

Dolan's granddaughter is a shining example of the positive impact that Colossal Academy has on children. At just eleven years old, she's already started her own bath bomb business and has a can-do attitude that knows no bounds. Colossal Academy's approach to education has nurtured her natural curiosity and instilled in her a sense of confidence and self-worth that will benefit her for years to come.

Dolan considers it inspiring to see how Colossal Academy is changing the lives of children and providing them with the tools they need to become successful entrepreneurs. The school's commitment to individualized learning, real-world experiences, and a positive learning environment is something every child deserves.

If you're looking for a school that empowers your child to reach their full potential, look no further than Colossal Academy!

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So much student self esteem can come from having powerful learning experiences like this. Wonderful to see CA leading this charge for young learners!

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