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Academic Growth-- By the Numbers

Students' NWEA MAP test scores show significant growth.

Colossal Academy is proud to present 2021-22 NWEA Test Scores and statistical data. Colossal Academy’s Academic Methodology engages students in experiential learning and coaches students to be self-directed through goal-setting, flipped classroom, and individualized plans.

Colossal Academy administered the NWEA MAP tests in both Math and Reading for all Full-Time Private School enrolled student population in Fall 21’ and Spring 22’. Homeschoolers, and Part-time students were not included in this data set as both Fall and Spring tests data are not available for all students.

The Methodology is working-- they can grow both vegetables and academically!

The spring data shows that 100% of students had growth in both Math and Reading. In Math, 50% of students showed High Achievement Growth Percentile ranging from 52-94 and reading 60% showed High Achievement Growth Percentile ranging from 52-85 percentile for Reading. Percentile growth reports on the child’s growth from Fall 21’ to Fall 22’ shows the progress made in comparison to peers, nationally.

Academic Gains

During these uncertain times of Pandemic Education and the coined phrase “COVID slip”, Colossal Academy proved that the microschool, innovative, individualized, and student-centered approaches show a significant academic gain.



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