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Education for the contemporary age, stewarded by committed change-makers, just like you.

Why Colossal

With Colossal Academy, students can Engage in Project-Based Learning, Contribute to the Community, and Learn with Real-World Relevance.

Attend an Info Session

This is a time for us to get to know each other and if the program is right for your child.


Fill out an Application

Takes 30 minutes to fill out a prospective student application.


Acceptance and Enrollment

Begin your education with Colossal Academy.

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Empowering Your Child's Future with Colossal Academy

At Colossal Academy, we believe in unlocking every student's potential and guiding them towards a brighter future. Our innovative approach to education, characterized by Project-Based Learning, Community Contribution, and Real-World Relevance, ensures that your child gains not only academic knowledge but also critical life skills.

By joining Colossal Academy, your child will benefit from a Flexible Learning environment tailored to their unique needs, a Supportive Environment that fosters growth, and a Cutting-Edge Curriculum designed to inspire and challenge. Equip your child with Advanced Learning Tools and receive Personalized Feedback to track their progress. Invest in your child's future today and witness them thrive in a setting that prioritizes their development, confidence, and success.


Parent Testimonials

Ms. Shiren has brought a spark to my child's eyes that had faded in traditional school and ignited his love of learning. She has brought on equally brilliant teachers to teach various subjects. It feels like the school you could only dream of coming to fruition.

Tara J.




Our Selection Process

We invite parents to take the first step in joining us by completing a brief questionnaire. This initial stage allows you to share insights about your background, experiences, and vision for your child's education.


Next, explore the Colossal Academy Framework in detail and consider how this innovative model could be implemented in your community.


Finally, complete and submit your application, articulating the core reasons behind your desire to enroll your child at Colossal Academy and addressing any remaining questions. Join us in creating an educational journey that is as unique and inspiring as your child.

A brief questionnaire

In this initial stage, we invite you to share some insights about yourself such as your background, experiences and your vision.

Explore the Colossal Academy Framework in Detail

Here, you'll delve into our educational framework and articulate how you envision implementing the Colossal Academy model in your community.

Complete and submit your Application

This is your chance to express the core reasons behind your desire to establish a Colossal Academy and to raise any remaining queries you may have.

  • Are classes Live or Asynchronous?
    Teachers will have a live class schedule for students to attend. Lessons will be recorded and available for students to view afterward.
  • Is Colossal Academy a private school?
    Colossal Academy is a licensed private school with Florida’s Department of Education.
  • Can my child receive a diploma?
    Yes, students who complete the required coursework can receive a certified diploma.
  • Can my child receive a transcript?
    Yes, students will receive a transcript with grades and GPA (if the family wishes to be fully enrolled)
  • Can I use my Step Up Scholarship for Colossal Virtual School?
    At this time, we are approved for direct pay through EMA portal and the New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund.
  • What is the tuition?
    Tuition is $500 a month after the initial $350 enrollment fee.
  • Is there a set time students have to finish a course?
    We recommend 16 weeks per segment. Classes do expire after 1 year from enrollment date.
  • Are you only going up to 10th grade?
    No, only in year 1 we will be enrolling students grades 6-10th grade. Next year we plan to include 11th grade and 12th grade by 2026.
  • Will students have access to teachers?
    Yes, teachers will hold office hours that students can pop into as they need to get help on a problem or question they are stuck on.
  • What does Study Hall look like?
    Study hall is a study study space that will be monitored but it is a place to ask each other questions and be in community with a little accountability.
  • Is enrollment ongoing?
    Yes, the enrollment process does take about 2 weeks from start to first day of class. We do accept students on a rolling basis.
  • Do I have to be a registered homeschooler?
    No, Colossal Academy is a fully licensed private school. You can fully enroll at Colossal Academy, pursue a diploma (or dual enrollment).
  • Do you accept scholarships?
    Currently, we are approved for direct pay through EMA portal and the New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund.
  • Will students need to take a standardized test?
    All fully enrolled students will take a National Norm Reference Test twice a year to track progress.


Main School and Admissions: 754-444-9929

746 NE 3rd Ave Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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